Monday, December 31, 2007

Dyersburg/Dyer County Tennessee land wanted

One of my agents has a client wanting to purchase up to 1500 acres in Dyer county.
This land will be used for farm land so must be good tillable land preferable not in the flood plain.

If you will consider selling your land, please give us a call at Carousel Realty at

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

another farm for sale

The owner of the farm near me also has a farm for sale on Clifton Road out in the Millsfield community. This is 70 rolling acres with about 1250' of road frontage. There was previously 2 houses on this property hence 2 developed building sites complete with septic tanks and fill lines. There is also enough road frontage for a few more homes to be built. This property overlooks the bluff so has a great view.
Owner recently logged the trees on the property(about 1/2 of the farm was wooded.)

This property would be good to develop for new homes, good for grazing cattle, good to build you a nice home place and be surrounded by your cattle and wild deer.

The legal description is Dyer county map 039 parcel 020.00.

The owner is asking $2500 an acre but I am sure we can negotiate him down some. Please call me if you have an interest in this farm and I will get you additional information. Mike 731-589-7841

Friday, November 30, 2007

deer abound on Tennessee farm for sale

I had just taken my bath this morning when I heard a distant shot. I decided that the owner's son must have shot another deer on the 5+ acres I mentioned in the last post. I saw him about an hour later checking in his deer at the store where I have coffee. He had a pretty nice 7 point buck on the trailer behind his car. He told me he killed a much bigger 7 point last week out of the same stand but still trying to get a shot at the monster buck he has been seeing.

The reason I tell you this is to encourage someone to purchase this 5+ acres and build a nice home on it and then sit on your porch and just "watch the wildlife" instead of shooting them. If you purchase this acreage, the owner's son will not have anywhere else on this farm to hunt. I personally enjoy watching the deer go through my backyard.(I am pretty close to this tract of land) Not only are there deer here, but also rabbit, squirrel, raccoon, ducks and geese.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

5+ acres on a new lake

I personally live on Harris road just north of Dyersburg,Tennessee. I purchased my lot(1.3 acres) about 5 years ago. I now have the rest of the land surrounding me listed for sale. We have several 1 acre lots available along Harris Road near my property. We also have a tract 5+ acres almost back behind me touching the new TVA lake called Lake Nauvoo. This property is very secluded and would be the perfect setting for a nice log home. Right now we are clearing this portion of the land to enable the potential buyer to see the possibilities. Based on the price the owner has placed on this property, you would need to build a home that would appraise at $300,000 or more. I have the plat and information if this has caught your eye.

Mike Frazier
cell 731-589-7841

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

land listings slim

Just a short update for our readers. Currently there are no big farms listed in the Dyersburg area. One of my agents does however, have a house and 5 acres listed and also the same owner has another 12.5 acres listed beside this property.

This 12.5 acres is already fenced for horses and has a small barn and a great building spot for a home. Or a person can buy the house on 5 acres(listed at $169,900) and also purchase the additional 12.5 acres(listed at $74,500)

I am sure that someone could make an offer to buy both parcels and pay less than the asking price.

The house was built in 1935 but has been extensively remodelled.

Friday, July 13, 2007

land is selling fast

Just an update on previous posts. First of all, the acreage on Hwy 211 out from Newbern is under contract and slated to close on the 25th of July. We had several offers for this property. I cannot remember so much interest from prospective buyers on a farm and land. We must have shown that property 20 times in a 2 week period. We now have a larger list of customers wanting to purchase land.

Also, the 7+ acres on Bonicord Road closed last week for a purchase price of $30,500.
I thought both the seller and the buyer got a good deal.

If you are interested in purchasing or selling land in our area, give me a call.

Monday, June 25, 2007

new farm listed near Dyersburg,Tennessee

My company just listed a farm(approximately 38 acres)and it is located on State Hwy 211 between Newbern and Trimble. The Dyer County map number is 042 and the parcel number is 010.00.

Currently this farm is in the federal set aside program(CRP) for 10 years and 7 of those years have passed. Currently there is 3 years on that contract and the yearly amount paid by the government is $2249.00(as per owner)
This is a beautiful piece of property with several great building sites available. However the owner will only sell this property as a whole.

If I were to buy this property, I would take about 1 acre out of the set aside program and build me a nice home. Then, when the remaining 3 years is past, I would either sell off 5 acre mini farms or fence off remaining area for cattle.

This property has approximately 36 acres on the northwest side of Hwy 211 and approximately 3 acres across the hwy. You could build at least two homes on that side of the hwy.

If you require additional information such as a plat, please call me toll free and I will get the information to you. Mike Frazier toll free 800-896-8016