Saturday, January 13, 2007

demand for acreage is big!

I write a couple of other blogs and had no plans to start another blog but 1 out of 4 calls I receive everyday at Carousel Realty is from local people and out of state people looking for farms and acreage. So, here we go...................... I plan of discussing land and farms for sale and also mention particular customers and clients(names withheld). Hopefully, farm owners and realtors with farms listed will call me so I can let our readers know what is available. I will also discuss properties that are listed on our MLS.

First of all let me mention the nice farm I closed the sale of yesterday on Hogwallow road. It is 208 acres of very fertile farm land. I sold this farm to a farmer who was looking to increase his tillable acreage. He is active in farming his land and he plans to farm beans and corn on this property. This farm sold for $340,000 which is just over $1629 an acre. In my opinion, my client got a real buy.

Yesterday, I drove around with a couple looking for another farm to purchase. They have several farms that they own and rent out( just shy of 1000 acres). They told me they make more money renting out their farms for crop rent than they make from the local banks. If you are reading this and own a farm in the Dyersburg area and are ready to sell, this couple is ready to buy. I did show them a farm(off Sorrell's chapel Loop) which is 31 acres. In my opinion this ground is only good for farming and not building on. I have included a plat of this farm here on the blog.

I just got off the phone with a customer in Arizona who is looking to relocate to the Dyersburg area. He is specifically looking for a farm to subdivide so he and his kids can build homes. I believe I have him narrowed down to a farm but he is still considering other options.

I have several other clients looking for land and I will mention them in a later posts. For our new readers, we encourage you to comment on this blog and give feedback both positive and negative.

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