Friday, November 30, 2007

deer abound on Tennessee farm for sale

I had just taken my bath this morning when I heard a distant shot. I decided that the owner's son must have shot another deer on the 5+ acres I mentioned in the last post. I saw him about an hour later checking in his deer at the store where I have coffee. He had a pretty nice 7 point buck on the trailer behind his car. He told me he killed a much bigger 7 point last week out of the same stand but still trying to get a shot at the monster buck he has been seeing.

The reason I tell you this is to encourage someone to purchase this 5+ acres and build a nice home on it and then sit on your porch and just "watch the wildlife" instead of shooting them. If you purchase this acreage, the owner's son will not have anywhere else on this farm to hunt. I personally enjoy watching the deer go through my backyard.(I am pretty close to this tract of land) Not only are there deer here, but also rabbit, squirrel, raccoon, ducks and geese.


Unknown said...

I hope someone who doesn't hunt bought the property!


I personally think if the owners sons have worked for this man for years and cleared that land theirselves they have every right to hunt it. And Mike I think it is very tacky of you to backstab that so son when you called him to ask if you could hunt out of his stand.